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Community engagement

Ideas for community consultation in COVID times (click to download PDF)

Ideas for community consultation in COVI

Community engagement and consultation delivery

Design and delivery for engaging and consulting your local community. Methods include:

  • Exhibitions and displays​

  • Questionnaires and surveys

  • Design workshops

  • Focus groups

  • Graffiti boards

  • Mapping

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Walkabouts and field workshops

  • Participatory budgeting

  • Interactive learning games

  • Training: consulting your community in interesting ways

Please get in contact to discuss bespoke support for your project

Above: consultation with Horsford Scouts group

Case study: policy ideas workshop for Rackheath Neighbourhood Plan

​Purpose of policy ideas workshops

  1. Engage local people in their understanding of the Neighbourhood Plan.

  2. Share the Vision, Aims and Objectives, inviting comment.

  3. Share where we have got to with developing ideas for policies and gather comments.

  4. Collect more information for the evidence base.

Methods: display boards with sticky dots for voting on ideas and post-it notes for making comments, model houses for estate layout options, character assessment sheet, notebooks for jotting down ideas, maps with comment flags, colouring and duplo for children.

Above: similar consultation event on policy ideas in Horsford

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