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Current training courses delivered online through Norfolk Association of Local Councils

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Training and workshops

Rachel Leggett & associates have developed a package of training and workshop opportunities: 

Please get in contact to find out the next sessions.  Examples are below.

Previous training examples

Feedback: An introduction to neighbourhood plans

  • A lot of content in the space of three hours.

  • Very informative. A wonderful overview of the process.

  • Learnt lots about best practice in developing a neighbourhood plan and a real sense of the time, energy and resources and commitment needed to successfully achieve a great outcome.

  • Very informative, but because it’s a complicated subject, necessarily hard to take it all in. BUT good use of other resources we can use at our leisure.

  • Quick wack through process with positive comments/resources that can inform a plan in process. Very relevant.

  • Excellent morning, clarified lots of points in producing a NP.

  • Helpful – informative

  • Extremely helpful

  • Useful guidance and information to help NP working party on the route to completion

  • An enjoyable morning, with lots of ideas, just want to get going now

  • Good. Intense

  • Interesting and inspiring!

  • Very useful. A lot of info in a short time.

Feedback: Consulting your community in engaging ways

  • Very informative

  • Very informative on communication and NP

  • Much more practical info than I had expected to get

  • Good venue, good graphics and well presented. Just long enough not to lose the reason why we were here

  • As above

  • Enjoyable, lots of ideas – no more public meetings!

  • Inspire everyone to start. Great information

  • Informative with some great ideas

  • Very enjoyable, looking forward to the next one

  • Good at start of planning because gave ideas for how to get to the community – sensible ideas

Feedback: Getting your community project off the ground

  • Enjoyable and very informative

  • It has given me more confidence in project managing. Plus knowing we can ‘buy in’

  • Well presented but could have provided more detail e.g. examples of planning, evaluation forms.

  • Well worth attending, really useful and empowering. Practical accessible information.

  • Easy to follow, lots to absorb. Prior to it, I thought 3 hours a bit short. Actually very useful in length. Sufficient but not too long.

  • Concise. Visual. Friendly and professional.

  • Today’s training was very interesting and very informative.

  • Very good and clearly explained.

  • Excellent session, great guide to look at all aspects of project delivery. Aligns well with a number of grant applications I have submitted. Extremely realistic as to what can be achieved.

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